June 27, 2019

We are inspired by Greg's achievement for the 2019 Bike to the Moon campaign!

How inspiring is this?! Greg took part in this year’s Bike to the Moon campaign while undergoing his dialysis treatment! Congratulations to Greg for reaching his cycling goal and a huge round of applause to him for also raising critical awareness and funds for the PKD Foundation of Canada! In total, Greg cycled over 175KM and raised $1,375! Below are Greg's own words about this experience and the link to his giving page:

"As so many people have already mentioned, PKD is a disease that affects many Canadians and others worldwide.  It has not only impacted myself who is afflicted with it, but also the closest members of my family.  Nevertheless, I and those who have sponsored me are doing what we can towards the goal of finding a cure.  It is my hope and prayer that through our continuous efforts together, PKD will become a disease of the past rather than a disease of concern within our lifetime.  I thank all my family and friends for their loving support and I thank my fellow bikers throughout Canada as well for taking the time to participate in this important event."