‘Taking Care of You’ with PKD

You’ve probably heard about self-care before. And living with PKD, it is important to take care of you. This is self-care: taking steps to preserve or improve your health through lifestyle changes. This blog post by Emily Campbell, registered dietitian, looks at how making health changes can help you manage your kidney disease, and live life to the fullest.

Kidney Nutrition - Cardiovascular health and PKD

This month’s blog post, Emily Campbell registered dietitian, writes about cardiovascular health and PKD. Did you know that protecting your heart and kidneys can go hand in hand? Plus, check out this delicious trail mix recipe, that would be perfect to take to an event like the Walk to END PKD.

Kidney Nutrition: Understanding Your Lab Tests with PKD

So, it is time for your annual lab test and to see your healthcare team. Does getting your labs done seem overwhelming and frustrating, trying to figure out what each value means? In this month’s blog post, Emily Campbell, registered dietitian, breaks down common labs your healthcare team may be checking with PKD, to help you feel confident in your next appointment. Plus, this month includes a delicious enchiladas recipe that can easily be prepared ahead of time for a weeknight meal!

Kidney Nutrition: Oxalates and PKD

You’ve probably heard the word “oxalates” before. But what are they and is it important with PKD? This month, Emily Campbell registered dietitian shares strategies for managing your PKD through nutrition including a deep dive into oxalates and kidney stones with PKD.

Nutrition Management and PKD

The best nutrition care for those with kidney disease is one that is personalized to your health goals, nutrition status, other health conditions, and blood and urine tests. And one new area of focus for personalization is the type of kidney disease – polycystic kidney disease (PKD) or chronic kidney disease (CKD).  Most of the time when you look for nutrition information for kidney disease it is for information related to the CKD diet.  Nutrition is important for those with PKD and the information has only recently begun to appear from research, lived experiences and on the internet.

Kidney Nutrition with Emily Campbell: Hypertension and PKD

May is Hypertension Month, a common condition associated with PKD. This month, Emily Campbell registered dietitian shares strategies for managing your blood pressure with PKD. Plus be sure to check out her easy and delicious Mediterranean Chickpea and Couscous Lunch Bowl recipe.

Kidney Nutrition with Emily Campbell: Fluids and PKD

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) or have been living with it for a while, you’ve probably heard you need to be drinking more fluids. This is one of the first and probably most challenging nutrition recommendations to follow with PKD. While this is good nutrition advice for those with PKD, let’s break it down a few things to help you.