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Welcome to the Ottawa Chapter!

Welcome to the Ottawa Chapter! A friendly group of people that are working towards the same goal of finding a cure of polycystic kidney disease. I am the Chapter & Walk Coordinator for Ottawa and also a patient with PKD.

Our chapter is involved in the many initiatives such as support and educational meetings, fundraising events and our annual Walk to END PKD that we have at Andrew Haydon Park each year. Our future goals consist of educating the public,  medical community and the government about PKD, to bring more awareness to this disease. Knowledge is power! If we can bring awareness to PKD then we are more likely to get the necessary funding for research to find a cure. We also want to support those affected by PKD and their families so they have a safe place to turn when in need. 

I hope you can join us for our next meeting or event!

Working for a cure,

Gina Hedges
Ottawa Chapter and Walk Coordinator
[email protected]

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