March 12, 2020

Today is World Kidney Day!

One in ten adults has chronic kidney disease (CKD). The global burden of CKD is increasing, and is projected to become the 5th most common cause of years of life lost globally by 2040. Chronic kidney disease is a major cause of catastrophic health expenditure. The costs of dialysis and transplantation consume 2–3% of the annual healthcare budget in high-income countries; spent on less than 0.03% of the total population of these countries. In low-income and middle-income countries, most people with kidney failure have insufficient access to lifesaving dialysis and kidney transplantation.

Crucially, kidney disease can be prevented and progression to end-stage kidney disease can be delayed with appropriate access to basic diagnostics and early treatment. There is a need to increase the awareness of the importance of preventive measures throughout populations, professionals and policy makers.

This year, World Kidney Day continues to raise awareness of the increasing burden of kidney diseases worldwide and to strive for kidney health for everyone, everywhere. Specifically, the 2020 campaign highlights the importance of preventive interventions to avert the onset and progression of kidney disease.

Key Messages:
  • Kidney disease is projected to become the 5th leading cause of premature death globally by 2040.
  • Crucially, the onset and progression of chronic kidney disease is often preventable through primary, secondary or tertiary interventions,
  • Clinical preventaive interventions include early check ups, blood pressure and glycemic control as well as management of co-morbidities e.g. cardiovascular disease.
  • A key preventative measure is more education and awareness of the risks of kidney disease among the population, patients, professions and policy makers.
  • A drastic change and improvement in national and specific policies directed towards education and awareness about kidney disease as well as CKD screening, management and treatment are needed.
  • World Kidney Day calls on everyone to advocate for concrete measures in every country to promote and advance kidney disease prevention.
Join our call for Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere!

To learn more about World Kidney Day, visit their website  here.

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3 Ways to Get Involved This Kidney Day

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