February 16, 2024

February 2024 PKD e-News


PKD Mind Matters


Come join us on February 21st at 7pm EST for a special get-together, PKD Mind Matters: "Navigating PKD Disclosures." We're here to chat about the ups and downs of talking about polycystic kidney disease (PKD) in our lives.

In this confidential one-hour session, we'll explore how to authentically share your PKD journey with others — whether it's with your family, friends, healthcare pros, or even at work. No need for fancy words or complex theories; we're just having a heart-to-heart.

This is a new format developed especially for PKD Mind Matters; it's a warm and supportive gathering where everyone's voice matters. We're all in this together, creating a safe space where you can feel heard and understood.

Let's build a tight-knit community that understands what it's like to face the challenges of PKD. We'll swap stories, gain some wisdom, and figure out how to talk about PKD in a way that feels right for you. So, mark your calendars, and let's empower each other to face these important chats with heart, strength, and a mutual commitment to well-being. Can't wait to see you there!

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Make it monthly


Monthly donations are a great way to make a big impact and help us achieve our goals for the year. With your help, we can continue our work to promote programs of research, advocacy, education, support and awareness in order to discover treatments and a cure for polycystic kidney disease, and improve the lives of all it affects.

And for a limited time, we can help increase the impact of your gift!

Throughout March, create a new monthly gift of $20 or more in support of our charity through CanadaHelps, and CanadaHelps will make a one-time extra $20 donation to our charity!* You can read more about the full terms and conditions here.

Please consider creating a new monthly gift of $20 or more through CanadaHelps to support our charity. Your donation will help us achieve our goals and make a big impact. Thank you for your support!

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*Make It Monthly 2024 is a bonus donation program where CanadaHelps will donate to a participating charity an additional $20 for each new monthly donation of $20 or more, and CanadaHelps will donate an additional $10 for existing monthly donations that are increased by $10 or more beginning March 1st, 2024 at 12:01 AM Newfoundland Standard Time.

PKD Mind Matters


Join our next online session of PKD Mind Matters chat on March 27 at 7pm EDT.

We'll discuss coping with lifestyle changes for kidney health. This hour-long chat is confidential and open to all.

Share your experiences with fatigue, pain, social support, and finances. No judgments, just heartfelt conversation.

This new online format aims to build a supportive community. Let's connect, share stories, and learn together. Mark your calendar and register now!

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Volunteer with us!


We're gearing up for our annual Walk to END PKD, and we need your amazing energy to make it a success! Whether you're a long-time supporter or new to our cause, your warmth and enthusiasm are exactly what we need.

We're looking for passionate volunteers for roles like Walk Coordinator, Event Crew Members, and Fundraising Committee Members.

Let's make memories, forge connections, and work towards a future where no-one has to experience the full effects of PKD. Interested in volunteering? Contact us using the button below, and let's make this year's walk unforgettable!

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Fats and PKD


In this month’s blog, Emily Campbell, a registered dietitian, dives into the facts about fats and PKD.

Not all sources of dietary fat are considered equal. Some can increase cholesterol levels, which leads to cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is common with PKD, so protecting the heart and kidneys is important.

Click here to learn more, and try out the kidney-friendly Pear and Walnut Salad included in this month's blog!



We're excited about two new nutrition and PKD webinars that we have scheduled for March - one in each official language!

For our English webinar, on March 20th at 7pm EDT, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Emily Campbell will be celebrating nutrition month with a cooking demonstration and live webinar for people dealing with PKD. Emily will share a recipe from the new PKD-focused Love Your Kidneys cookbook, which is being released this March!

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Our French webinar on March 26 at 7pm EDT will feature registered dietician Roxanne Papineau, who will be talking about the importance of adopting a kidney-friendly diet to maintain renal function in people with PKD. She explains which diet to adopt according to the different stages of PKD and how to find the foods that correspond to your needs.

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On April 10 at 7pm EDT, we will be having a patient webinar on the topic of managing you mental health when you have PKD. Led by Dr. Adriana Carvalhal, a psychiatrist at Scarborough Health Network, this session is about handling the emotional ups and downs of chronic illness. Learn how to deal with stress, anxiety, and feeling down while living with PKD. Get the knowledge and tools to feel better and improve your life on this journey.

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BC Renal, one of our valued partners, is offering some upcoming webinars designed for patients with kidney disease who are not on dialysis. Depending on the topic, patients on dialysis may find the session helpful and are welcome to attend. Family and friends of patients with kidney disease are also encouraged to attend. Click on the links below to see details, or visit BC Renal's patient education web page to learn more and register.

Kidney Transplant & Finding a Living Donor – Mar 8, 1:00-3:00pm (PT)
Choosing a Treatment for Kidney Failure – Apr 26, 1:00-3:00pm (PT)


31 Days of PKD


March is kidney health month, a time when we shine a light on kidney disease through our "31 Days of PKD" social media posts. This year we are sharing stories and information to educate and raise awareness about PKD, reduce the stigma of PKD, empower people affected by PKD to share their experiences and express their needs, and build supportive communities of caring and advocacy for everyone affected by PKD.

Watch for our posts on social media, or check out the monthly calendar of activities on our website.

Use and search for the hashtags #31DaysOfPKD, #KidneyMonth and #endPKD to feel the PKD love!

Voices of PKD


“Hello, my name is Kelly Konieczny. I first shared my PKD story with this community in September of 2022. At the time, my kidneys had failed (one had been completely removed) and I was on dialysis four or five times per week, waiting for a kidney donation.

“I'm still waiting.”

Kelly recently made the news after her province's health authority withdrew the northern part of the province from the winter Kidney Paired Donation match cycle.

Read the rest of Kelly's update to learn the outcome of this recent setback in her search for a living kidney donor.