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Voices of PKD

Voices of PKD is a collection of testimonials and photos that tell the story of PKD through the eyes of the PKD community.

You can help give a voice to a widely unknown disease by sharing your story. Your experiences can paint a powerful picture of what it’s like to live with PKD.

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Trish Chesterman, Calgary AB

I am a young 67-year-old mom and grandmother to a son, daughter and four beautiful grandchildren. My preliminary diagnosis was around the age of 20, with confirmation when my kidney was removed at the age 40.

After years of pain and kidney infections leading up to my young adult years, my left kidney was removed; my kidney function on the right improved. The night before going home from the surgery, I was found unconscious, with a 5-part fracture to my shoulder. Doctors speculate that I had fallen during a possible seizure. I then went home to recover from my two recent surgeries.