PKD Mind Matters


Welcome to PKD Mind Matters: Supporting Mental and Emotional Well-Being in the PKD Community 

At the PKD Foundation of Canada, we understand that living with polycystic kidney disease goes beyond the physical challenges. It's a journey with challenges that take a heavy toll on our mental health, and that's why the PKD Mind Matters initiative is a dedicated effort to provide meaningful support and resources for the mental well-being of our community. 

Our Vision: In recognizing the holistic nature of living with a chronic disease, PKD Mind Matters aims to foster a community where individuals and families affected by PKD find comfort, resilience, and strength. We believe that addressing mental health is an integral part of the journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life with PKD.  

Monthly Webinars

MM_1.pngKey Features

Join us for insightful webinars featuring mental health experts, psychologists, and patient advocates. Topics range from coping strategies and stress management to body image and family dynamics. 

Community Support

Connect with others who understand the unique challenges of living with PKD. Our virtual forums provide a safe space to share experiences, offer support, and build lasting connections. 

MM3.pngResource Hub

Access a wealth of resources tailored to mental health in the context of PKD. From articles and expert advice to recommended readings, our Resource Hub is your go-to destination for information and guidance. 

Peer Support Programs: In development 

Engage in peer support programs designed to connect individuals facing similar challenges. This is a safe space to learn, listen and share our personal stories. 


Get Involved

Whether you're seeking support or eager to contribute, there are numerous ways to get involved with PKD Mind Matters. Attend our webinars, join community discussions, or explore opportunities to become a mental health advocate within the PKD community. 

Join us on this journey of resilience and support. Your mental health matters.