Carrie Manson
Walk Coordinator
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Hello, My name is Carrie Manson and I’m the Guelph Walk Coordinator.

Unlike most of the other volunteers who support the mission and vision of the PKD Foundation of Canada, I will never know PKD like them.

My story is not because of my diagnosis, it’s because of a boy I met in 1997, whom I fell in love with and have since became a champion for.

Back in 1997 when John and I first started dating, his dad was diagnosed with PKD. He was considered one of the lucky ones as he went on the transplant list, and within a few years he was matched with his wife, Anne. However before the date was set, he received the gift of life through a cadaver instead. He lived several years with his new kidney, but after getting involved in a vehicle collision - he developed complications and passed in March 2009.

In August of 2010 with our family determined to make a difference, we found the PKD Foundation and agreed to launch a Walk to END PKD event in Guelph. Shortly after that decision, my husband was diagnosed and so was his brother.

Thanks to the PKD community, corporate sponsors, generous donors, and all the volunteers who tirelessly donate their time, money and knowledge to help make medical advancements a reality, both my husband and brother-in-law live in a day and age where treatment exists and they can benefit from it for their diagnoses. 

So thank you to all who have made a contribution the Foundation so that my husband has hope and has options that his father didn’t have only ten short years ago.

Build Relationships, Have Fun & Make a Difference in the Guelph PKD Community!

We are looking for our next Guelph Chapter Coordinator! Join the PKD Foundation of Canada's Guelph Chapter and help us spread awareness, support PKD patients and make a difference in our community.

Chapter Coordinator responsibilities include:

- Local fundraising event coordination
- Increasing awareness of PKD
- Hosting educational chapter meetings
- Supporting group members and organizing social opportunities
The PKD Foundation of Canada Chapter Coordinators and other key volunteers volunteers are the backbone of the polycystic kidney disease (PKD) community. As a grassroots non-profit organization, the PKD Foundation of Canada prides itself in keeping administration costs low, and impact high. In order to do this, we count on volunteers every day to help drive vital programs and awareness around Canada.

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