Joy Pekar
Chapter Coordinator
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Joy Pekar: Hamilton Chapter Coordinator, PKD Foundation of Canada

Joy Pekar BSc, BEd is trained as a science teacher. Early in her relationship she learned that her partner (and future husband) had PKD. She learned what this meant for any future children he might have and what options existed if they were to build a family together. But she quickly learned that putting science into action was not as easy as it sounds. Many people, and even some professionals, don’t know all the options out there. Joy shares that her family has benefited from being involved with the PKD Foundation of Canada for many years. She found value in connecting with others who have been affected and learning from their experiences and from the professionals that specialize in PKD. She and her husband have volunteered with the PKDFOC by acting as workshop and symposium speakers, as well as planning multiple fundraisers. She enjoys sharing her journey because she feels that knowledge is power, and that by sharing the different options that exist in a way that people can connect to and understand, she hopes that people will feel empowered to make the choices that are right for them.

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