Ian McMahon
Chapter Coordinator
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Jeff Robertson
Walk Coordinator
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Hello there! My Name is Ian McMahon and I am the Chapter Coordinator for the Toronto Chapter of the PKD Foundation of Canada.

I have ADPKD and like many of you reading this I have other family members who have received this diagnosis. I am a patient of Dr. York Pei at the Hereditary Kidney Disease Clinic and participate in his patient studies. I have found the website to be an extremely valuable source of information and as a result have developed a keen interest in the latest research on how to slow the progression of the disease and ways to potentially improve/maintain kidney function through diet.

The PKD Foundation of Canada’s commitment to fighting PKD through research, education, advocacy, and support is very important to all of us that carry this condition. My hope is that the Toronto Chapter can provide a forum where people can feel safe to discuss the disease, ask questions, share news, feel supported along their journey and spread awareness. Bringing awareness to PKD will help us to get the necessary funding for research to either find a cure or assist in slowing/halting progression.

Please fee free to reach out if you need a friendly and supportive ear!


The PKD Foundation of Canada Chapters are led by volunteers who want to make a difference in the fight to end PKD. We are currently recruiting key volunteers to help with our efforts this year! If you live in the area and are interested in joining our national network of volunteers, visit to sign up!