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July 31, 2023

Jennifer Morgan, Halifax NS | Voices of PKD

Jennifer Morgan

Hello, everyone! I’m grateful to provide this update on my journey since I initially shared my story here in December 2021. Last May, I received a new kidney, thanks to the Live Kidney Paired Donation Program. My husband generously donated his kidney on my behalf, and we were quickly matched in a chain. Due to COVID, we faced some delays, but our amazing Transplant Coordinators kept our chain intact, and we remained paired with our donor and recipient. On May 12th 2022, my husband and I went into the hospital and we both underwent successful surgeries. Recovery has gone great and we are extremely grateful every day!

My PKD story is one that started unexpectedly! After many years without access to a family doctor, our new GP sent me for routine bloodwork in December 2020. In just 5 hours after completing the bloodwork the hospital called informing me that there was an emergency regarding my results. A phone-call that changed our lives. I received my PKD diagnosis shortly after being admitted – I was in stage 5 kidney failure! It was such a shock, as I didn’t have any overwhelming symptoms and always considered myself to be healthy. My chest line was put in immediately and dialysis treatment was started.

IMG-3345.JPGWe turned to the PKD Foundation of Canada soon afterwards, and we are so thankful to the PKDFOC and PKD community for continuing to provide helpful information and resources. Just being able to read the “Voices of PKD” blog reassured our family that we are not alone on this journey.

Since transplant, my husband and I have become Transplant Ambassadors for Atlantic Canada. We are looking forward to establishing relationships with other patients, while providing support and guidance that would be relatable from both the donor and recipient side.

With that said, if anyone is needing support during their own journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at jenandglenm @ transplantambassadors.ca. 💚

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