June 01, 2016

May 2016 PKD e-News

Why Walk?

The Walk for PKD is the PKD Foundation of Canada’s signature fundraising  event, raising more than $852,000 since 2007. This has helped move us  closer to finding treatments. Funds raised also help provide education and  support services, both online and in local communities.

We’ve made great strides but need your help in keeping the momentum going. We know we can exceed the $167,000 raised last year, by recruiting more participants and engaging every walker in fundraising. With your help, we can look forward to a time when no one suffers the full effects of PKD.
Remember – every dollar raised brings us that much closer to the ultimate finish line: A cure for PKD!


Upcoming Hamilton Chapter Meeting


Hamilton Chapter Logo Topic: Update on Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) Therapies
 Speaker: Dr. Sanjay Pandeya
 When: Sunday, June 5 2016 from 2:00pm-4:00pm

 Where: Classroom B, 2nd Floor – Juravinski Innovation Tower, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, 50 Charlton Avenue East, Hamilton ON L8N 4A6

For full details, click here.

PKD Health Notes with Renal Dietician, Kelly WelshNettle Tea & Kidney Disease


“Is Nettle tea ‘good’ for people with kidney disease? Are there any health benefits to it?


Nettle herbal tea is made from the leaves, roots and seeds of this herb. There are many different varieties of this plant, but it is the stinging nettle that is best known for its health benefits. Nettle is a green perennial herb that reaches 1 to 2 meters in height in the summer. It is also a flowering plant native to Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America. It has soft green leaves, 3 to 5 cm long with thin stinging hairs. This herb has been used in European medicine since ancient times, helping people century after century. Today, studies are being performed which prove the invaluable qualities of nettle as healing herb.




Transplant of Love: A Mother Saved By Her Step-Daughter
Two things run in Becky Moser’s family. One is polycystic kidney disease and the other trait is love. “More than loved. I still get kind of emotional. It’s very hard to know that they love you that much that they would give.”


Kidney Transplant Recipient From Manitoba Celebrates 40 Years Since Donation
‘A kidney donor couldn’t be found immediately, so Adrien Perras started preparing to go on dialysis while his name was put on a waiting list. However, only a few days before he was set to start dialysis, Perras got the call that a donor had been found. “It just blew me away”, he said. “Fortunate doesn’t come into it. It’s almost miraculous, let’s use that word.”

Read the full story.

Adorable Stuffed Animals Receive “Transplants” to Promote Organ Donation

Child organ donation is not easy to address, but a new awareness campaign is taking a downright adorable approach, using stuffed animals to educate and build a community that supports donation.
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PKDFOC Volunteer LogoThe PKD Foundation of Canada’s mission is to promote programs of research, advocacy, education, support and awareness, in order to discover treatments and a cure for PKD. Our Chapters, led by volunteer Chapter Coordinators, are a driving force behind our mission and help us to create invaluable awareness of PKD on a local and national level.
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