Upcoming Webinar: Advancing PKD Care in Today's Society

April 22, 2021 at 2:00PM EDT - 3:00PM EDT

This webinar will dive into a series of resources that Dr. Micheli (Mike) Bevilacqua and his team at BC Renal have developed in British Columbia for ADPKD care.  These resources are to help with delivering more tailored services to ADPKD patients in kidney clinics.  The goal is to put tools in place so that all kidney clinics can offer ADPKD specific care, supported by a network of clinicians around the province.  Dr. Micheli (Mike) Bevilacqua will explain how their plan was developed, how it will be implemented, and what they have learned so far. Although this webinar relates to patient care in British Columbia, the information and resources shared will be of value to patients nation-wide.

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About the Speaker:
Dr. Micheli (Mike) Bevilacqua is a nephrologist with additional training in health administration and divides his time between clinical medicine and nephrology administration.  His clinical nephrology practice is based in Surrey, British Columbia and he is involved in several administrative roles with BC Renal.  He is the chair of the Kidney Care Committee which oversees the care of over 15,000 British Columbians living with chronic kidney disease and he is also the Medical Lead for the BC Polycystic Kidney Disease Network which aims to optimize management of PKD in BC.  Dr. Bevilacqua also works with the Renal Agency on other initiatives such as improving the delivery and support of home dialysis therapies.  When not doing clinical work or at the Renal Agency, Dr. Bevilacqua is involved in research with specific interests in knowledge translation, systems improvement and evaluating care delivery and is also actively involved teaching at the medical school and residency levels at UBC.

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