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Shining a Spotlight on Mental Health and PKD | PKD Mind Matters

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or find it difficult to cope with life with PKD? With chronic illnesses, like ARPKD and ADPKD, mental health is an important factor in your overall care plan. Check out this article from PKD Life describing what is typical for patients and caregivers - and...

Healing Through Compassion | Mental Health Week 2024

May 6 to 12 is #MentalHealthWeek2024. The theme this year is "Healing Through Compassion." Find resources and tools to practice compassion, developed by the Canadian Mental Health Association. For more information, visit

Planning a family conversation about PKD | PKD Resources

Do you talk about PKD within your family, or are those conversations that you try to avoid? In this blog, we explore the intricacies of planning for important family conversations about PKD, so that you can turn apprehension into unity, mutual support and informed decision-making.

Bell Let's Talk 2024 | PKD Mind Matters

Bell Let’s Talk is starting a new year by highlighting that real change is needed for mental health in Canada with a new campaign – Let’s create real change – inviting Canadians to take meaningful action in mental health on Bell Let’s Talk Day and throughout the year.

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