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March 15, 2023

All About Polycystic Kidney Disease | Webinar Video

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About this event:

This Webinar was an overview of polycystic kidney disease, the pathway to transplant and how the PKD Foundation of Canada can support you. This session was co-presented by the Centre for Living Organ Donation and the PKD Foundation of Canada, and provided an in-depth look at the journey with polycystic kidney disease from a transplant recipient perspective, Jan Robertson, a nephrologist who specializes in PKD, Dr. Moumita Barua and the Executive Director of the PKD Foundation of Canada, Jeff Robertson.

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About the Speakers:

Dr. Moumita Barua is the Associate Director of the Hereditary Kidney Disease Clinic, Staff Nephrologist and Clinician Scientist, at the University Health Network and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

Jan Robertson was diagnosed with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) when she was 25yo; 44 years ago. In 1998, Jan underwent her first of two life-saving liver transplants from a deceased donor; her birth liver was close to 40 pounds when removed. Jan required a second liver transplant, which took place in 2008, after a persistent bile duct infection caused the first transplanted liver to fail. She is now in the early stages of beginning to look for a living kidney donor, in the hopes of bypassing dialysis.

Jan has been involved with the PKD Foundation of Canada since its inception in 1994; serving as a peer-to-peer mentor for those living with ADPKD and polycystic liver diseases (PLD), and for pre and post transplant recipients.

Jeff Robertson is the Executive Director of the PKD Foundation of Canada. Jeff has been involved with the PKD Foundation of Canada for many years, beginning as a volunteer for his local chapter and Walk Coordinator in Toronto. His life has been deeply impacted by polycystic kidney disease (PKD) – both his mother and grandmother were diagnosed with the disease when Jeff was young. As a result he has always been passionate about the importance of self-advocacy, volunteerism and community involvement. Having seen the increase in national exposure the PKD Foundation of Canada has received over the last 15 years, Jeff is confident that the Foundation will continue to achieve even greater success and will continue to be a nation-leading support system for those affected by polycystic kidney disease.

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