June 08, 2021

Tips to Keep Your Fundraising in Motion

We've put together some tips and tricks to keep your fundraising in motion with the help of Team Blackmore's captain, Trinda Blackmore. Incredibly, their team raised over $20,000 in 2021!

Peer to Peer Fundraising Tips
  • Make use of direct messaging through social media and personalized emails. A direct, personal ask will get more traction than a social media post. Not everyone will see your social media post, but they will receive a notification if you directly message or email them!

  • Engage with #BiketotheMoon posts on PKD Foundation of Canada's social media and use the hashtags accordingly when you post (#BTTM2022). Posts that get a lot of interaction, with likes, comments and shares, are more likely appear on your friends'/followers' main pages and newsfeeds.

  • Be mindful about the timing of your social media posts. Post at a time where you think you will have the most amount of friends/followers online. Generally, weekdays in the morning or early evening are good times to post and have the most interaction.

  • Make your posts and messages personal! What connection do you have to PKD? Why did you choose to fundraise for the PKD Foundation of Canada? Tell your prospective donors your PKD story.

  • Reconnect with those who have agreed to donate, but haven’t done so yet. Send them a short message a few days later to check in. You could include a statistic of how close you are to your goal like, “Help me reach my goal of $500. I’m almost halfway there!”

  • Once you have exhausted your personal network, reach out to your close friends and families, and ask them to connect with their own personal networks. Sometimes all one needs to make a donation is some sort of connection to the cause. Your contacts could say, "My friend/niece/cousin is fundraising for PKD. They have this disease, and any donation would mean the world to me."

  • Don't forget to thank your donors promptly! You can do this directly from your fundraising portal, or through social media/emails.

Additional Tips for Tech-Savy Folks:

  • Create a QR code for your fundraising page! You can print out flyers with info and the QR code on it to hand out to neighbours, tape up on mailboxes etc.!
As always, the health and safety of our PKD family comes first. Please follow your region's COVID-19 safety regulations to participate and fundraise safely.

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