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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Clarity on Keto for PKD: Is it right for you?

June 16, 2022 at 7:00PM EDT - 8:00PM EDT

Ketogenic diets have taken the PKD community by storm since research of UCSB was published in 2019 indicating ketosis may be able to reverse cyst growth. Over the last 2 years, Jessianna and her dietitians have worked with over 100 people with PKD on ketogenic diets. They've had some exciting results and learned some incredible things. Keto can be amazing but isn't right for everyone. In order to further validate their observations, their kidney-safe ketogenic approach will be put to the test in an upcoming clinical trial in Toronto, led by Dr. York Pei.  Jessianna will share a few details about this trial, why it is an exciting step forward, and how you can be involved.

Speaker: Jessianna Saville RD, CSR LDN

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Jessianna Saville RD, CSR LDN is a renal dietitian and founder and owner of Kidney Nutrition Institute and the nutrition non-profit RenAlign. After working 8 years in the dialysis setting, she decided to fully concentrate her energy on her virtual practice and helping provide early nutrition intervention for kidney disease clients.

Her passion of getting results for patients led her to collaborating with many incredible PKD professionals to develop the first plant-focused ketogenic approach for kidney patients and other high-level PKD-focused nutrition therapies such as mastering oxalates, sodium, and gut health. This approach is used in her practice and was developed into a group program (Ren-Nu) that will be part of a clinical trial in Toronto in 2022. She is also proud to utilize functional/integrative approaches in her practice and hopes to continue to advance safe holistic care for all people with kidney disease.

Jessianna is a proud graduate of the Utah State University dietetics program and holds a masters in Health Care Management from Marymount University. Her favorite professional endeavor is public speaking on the different facets of renal dietetics and mentoring up-and-coming renal dietitians. Her passion for good food shows up in the kidney-friendly recipes her team creates on the blog and the amount of time she spends cooking herself. Along for the ride with Jessianna are her three children and husband, a very old dog, 2 kittens, and 10 friendly backyard chickens. When not working to change kidney disease, she enjoys walking barefoot on the sandy trails near her house, jumping on the trampoline, and reading true stories about amazing people in history.

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