31 Days of PKD

March 1 | 3.1.2024

Today kicks off #KidneyMonth’s #31DaysOfPKD! Show your support to #endPKD and change your profile picture for the month of March!

Have you ever stopped to think about how remarkable your kidneys are? Kidneys are amazing!

Your body's 5L of blood pass through your kidneys between 20 and 25 times each day.

Your kidneys filter about 120L every 24 hours.

Your kidneys can also regulate your blood pressure and your red blood cell production.

Each of your kidneys contains about 1 million nephrons that filter and carefully sift through your blood.

Your nephrons can figure out which things to take out of your blood and which things to send back into circulation through your body.

The things that your body doesn't need are sent to your bladder, to be removed from the body, along with any extra water that your body doesn't need.