31 Days of PKD

March 11 | 3.11.2024

Does your family talk about PKD? Would you like to change that in a positive way? We now have resources for having conversations with your loved ones about PKD.

These are some PKD topics that can be hard to discuss: 

  • Fear of Passing on the Disease
  • Impact on Family Dynamics
  • Financial Strain
  • Worry About Disease Progression
  • Decision-making Regarding Treatment Options
  • Emotional Toll on Caregivers
  • Concerns About Transplantation
  • Impact on Daily Life
  • Stress from Uncertain Prognosis
  • Effect on Parent-Child Relationships
  • Navigating Healthcare System
  • Balancing Privacy and Support
  • Impact on Mental Health
  • Role Reversal
  • Difficulties with Fertility
  • Communication with Healthcare Providers
  • Genetic Testing and Family Planning
  • Impact on Career and Education
  • Coping with Loss and Grief

Check out our new resource for planning a PKD conversation with your family, adapted from our new booklet, Having a Conversation with Your Adult Children about Your PKD Diagnosis.