31 Days of PKD

March 13 | 3.13.2024

Let's Make a Difference Together!

Living with PKD isn't just a medical journey — it's a profound and deeply personal experience that shapes every aspect of our lives. Whether we're facing the challenges of PKD ourselves, supporting a loved one through their journey, or have generously donated a kidney, each of us has a unique story to tell. And amidst the struggles and uncertainties, many of us feel a powerful need to give back to our community.

Here's why:

Reclaiming agency: Volunteering allows us to take control of our narrative, reclaiming a sense of agency over our lives and turning our challenges into opportunities for positive change.

Connecting with understanding: In the journey with PKD, finding others who truly understand the ups and downs can be a beacon of hope. Volunteering brings us together, fostering a sense of connection, support, and understanding that can be truly transformative.

Raising awareness: PKD often remains misunderstood or overlooked, leading to a lack of resources and attention. By volunteering, we can raise our voices, shine a light on PKD, and advocate for the support and recognition our community deserves.

Contributing to research: Hope lies in research — the promise of better treatments, improved quality of life, and ultimately, a cure for PKD. Through volunteering, we can contribute to funding research initiatives, bringing us one step closer to a future where no one has to experience the full effects of PKD.

Dispelling myths and reducing shame: Awareness is key to dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding PKD, reducing the stigma and shame that many of us may feel. By volunteering, we can educate others, challenge stereotypes, and foster a culture of empathy and understanding.

The PKD Foundation of Canada is here to help bring our community together, providing a platform for us to unite, collaborate, and make a meaningful impact. Whether it's serving on committees, organizing events, hosting meet-and-greets, sharing personal PKD stories, becoming community ambassadors, or offering peer support, there's a role for everyone to play.

Let's come together and make a positive difference in the lives of everyone affected by PKD. If you're ready to join us in this journey or want to learn more, please reach out at this link.

Thank you for being an essential part of our PKD community!