Upcoming Webinar: The Importance of Diet with Polycystic Kidney Disease

May 18, 2022 at 7:00PM EDT - 8:00PM EDT

Roxanne Papineau will be presenting on the importance of a renal-friendly diet with PKD to help maintain kidney function. She will discuss what a renal-friendly diet looks like at different stages of PKD, and how to find foods that are right for you.

NOTE: This webinar will be presented in French.

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Speaker: Roxanne Papineau, Dt. P, nutritionist

Roxanne Papineau graduated with a Bachelor's degree in nutrition from Laval University in 2005, where she went on to specialize and graduate with a diploma in functional nutrition and health. 

Roxanne has been a clinical nutritionist in nephrology at IUCPQ for 15 years. She is a lecturer for the bachelor's degree in clinical nutrition and the doctorate in pharmacy at Laval University.  She is also the President of the RNNQ (group of nutritionists in nephrology of Quebec), member of the scientific committee DEVENIR (multidisciplinary group in nephrology), and member of the renal health expert committee associated with the Ministry of Health.

Roxanne has created several teaching tools for patients, as she is the author of 2 cookbooks for nephrology and cardiology patients. She has written articles on gastroenterology and nephrology for the FMOQ and OPDQ as well as attending more than 75 conferences given in connection with nephrology and gastroenterology for doctors and other health professionals.

Roxanne is an Epicurean mother of twins, and triathlete who is passionate about cooking!

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