August 22, 2018

Quebec City PKD Patient Forum Presentation

On April 18, 2018 we held the Quebec City PKD Patient Forum at the Château Bonne Entente with Université Laval Nephrologist Dr. Paul René de Cotret and PKD Foundation of Canada Executive Director Jeff Robertson.

Patients and their loved ones had the opportunity to:

  • Learn about what a PKD diagnosis can mean for you or a loved one, as well as how PKD can be managed from Dr. Paul René de Cotret, Nephrologist, Université Laval;
  • Hear about what resources and support systems are available to you and your loved ones from Jeff Robertson, Executive Director, PKD Foundation of Canada;
  • Have your questions answered during a Q&A period led by Dr. Paul René de Cotret and Jeff Robertson; and,
  • Meet other people living with PKD in your community.

*Please note that the sound improves at 00:08:10.