Legacy Giving

Wills and Bequests

Make a future gift of lasting support by remembering the PKD Foundation of Canada (PKDFOC) in your Will. A Bequest in your Will may be the biggest gift of your life, and has the power to change the lives of all affected by PKD for the better.

This gift will not cost you anything during your lifetime, with no extra out-of-pocket costs and your income will not decrease. One of the benefits of making a Bequest is that your estate obtains a charitable tax receipt for the full amount received. Also, if stocks or real estate you left have appreciated in value, your gift may be exempt from capital gains.    

Ways you can leave a Bequest in your Will:

  • Leave a Specific Bequest with dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or property such as real estate, securities, or other items;
  • Leave a Residual Bequest, which will allow the PKD Foundation of Canada to receive all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate once other bequests are met. The percentage of your estate will keep your gift in line with value changes;
  • Leave a Contingent Bequest that will allow the PKD Foundation of Canada to receive all or a part of your estate after your other beneficiaries have passed on;
  • Leave a Trust Remainder Bequest, here the PKD Foundation of Canada would receive all or part of the income from a trust established in your Will upon the death of named beneficiaries;
  • Leave a Restricted Bequest where funds are restricted to the use designated/identified.