Winnipeg Chapter Social Hour

April 2, 2022 at 2:00PM CDT - 3:00PM CDT

Join us for a Winnipeg Chapter Social Hour!

Get to know your Winnipeg Chapter Coordinator, Tetyana Walker, by joining our upcoming virtual social hour!

The past couple years have been a whirlwind and we miss you! We'd like to use this time to introduce new faces and catch up with seasoned members. Your Winnipeg Chapter Coordinator, Tetyana will be accompanied by PKDFOC Executive Director, Jeff Robertson and we'd love to see you there!

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Getting to Know Your New Winnipeg Chapter Coordinator: 
Tetyana Walker

"I decided to write my story in hopes of inspiring others who are going through this to have hope and be strong. I hope I can reach people who are able to provide support, donations, words of wisdom or participate in any events that help fund the PKD Foundation of Canada. I am doing this for my daughter I want to do what I can in hopes that one day we can have a cure for PKD, and that our kids will not have to endure the same path we did with our battle. I stay hopeful that one day the cure for PKD will come and I’ll forever be grateful to every single person who has helped get there. I stay hopeful that my other 2 children do not have PKD. I will do everything I can to provide help to the PKD Foundation of Canada for a better future for our kids, so they can live a PKD free life and not go through the pain that we go through, the pain- the worry- the struggle. Let's support one another for a better future!" - Tetyana

Read more about Tetyana and the PKDFOC Winnipeg Chapter here!