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Kim Holowatiuk, AB | Voices of PKD

"My name is Kim Holowatiuk, and I was diagnosed with PKD when I was 17 years old. At the time, I had two cysts on one kidney, one cyst on the other, and one liver cyst. (Those were the good ol’ days.) 😉"

Staying Hydrated This Summer! | PKD Nutrition

As the weather heats up, staying hydrated is top-of-mind for everyone - especially PKD patients! In this blog we've collected all of our kidney-friendly beverage recipes and hydration tips for PKD. Here's to summer!

Living Kidney Donation | Webinar Video

This webinar on the topic of living kidney donation answers a number of questions that people affected by polycystic kidney disease (PKD) may have about the living kidney donation process. Panelists included experts from Canadian Blood Services and the Transplant Ambassador Program, as well as a patient story from a...

June 2024 issue | PKD e-News

Welcome to the June e-News from the PKD Foundation of Canada! This month we have information on choosing kidney-healthy foods when eating out, reflections on mental health and PKD, upcoming PKD events, and more!

Clayton Rafuse, AB | Voices of PKD

"My name is Clayton Rafuse, and I first shared my story with the PKD community in August 2021. My father Pete had PKD, and passed away in March of 2020."

Eating out with PKD | Kidney Nutrition with Emily Campbell

This time of year is filled with celebrations, which often include food. You may be wondering how to manage your PKD and still attend these events. In this month’s blog, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Emily Campbell will review some things to consider, and foods you can include in...

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